About Us

About Us

The Endem Group got it’s start in the year 1959 when O. Naci Endem started Endem Construction. By the 1970’s Endem Construction had earned a reputation for completing special, challenging projects requiring high technology and engineering know-how. In particular the company made it’s mark on the Turkish industry by being the first to use slipform technology - a first - for building industrial structures like chimneys and silos.

Endem Steel Manufacturing (Encel) was setup in 1975 for activites in the steel fabrication area. An inseperable part of Endem Construction since then, the company, then, has earned it’s own reputation in the areas of precise manufacturing and machinery as well as special equipment design and manufacturing.

In the mid-1980’s, in keeping pace with the rapid progress of technology, the Group expanded into the telecommunication and broadcasting areas. Endem Electronics, Endam Engineering and Oryayın are involved in the construction of satellite ground stations-infrastructure and tv/radio broadcasting stations together with the provision of equipment and services.

In the 1990’s, façade cladding, a new sub-area, was entered into. Endem Façade Systems became a serious contender in a relatively short time and has proven it’s experience and success with the many completed façade works of private, govermental and industrial structures both at home and internationally.

In the first decade of the 2000’s the Group has adapted international expansion and turn key contract projects as their growth strategy. To date many successful projects have been completed in different countries.